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+27 (0) 314654604


We Deliver our Products

+27 (0) 314654604


We Deliver our Products

+27 (0) 314654604


We Deliver our Products

+27 (0) 314654604


We Deliver our Products

+27 (0) 314654604

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Boss Tents specializes in manufacturing and supplying high-quality tents for sale in Durban, South Africa for various industries such as corporate business, event organizer, individuals, wedding and party planner and government sector. Our team at Boss Tents can help you to select the ideal tents for your event or function needs, whether you are planning an upscale outdoor gala, a wedding reception, a street fair, a trade show, a commercial event or a big exhibition show. Our products are feasible to set up at any given location and extremely durable, making them a great choice for your event no matter the weather. If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding, party or festival, planning a rain back-up for a company warehouse or storing a perishable and nonperishable goods.

Choosing the right tent is a key to helping your event succeed. Some of the most popular tents for sale include, Peg and Pole Tents, Aluminium Tents, Frame Tents, Bedouin Stretch Tents, Alpine Tents, Marquee, Pagoda Tents, Exhibition Tents, Arcum Tents, Arch Roof Tents, Wedding Tents, Function Tents, Party Tents, Event Tents, Storage Tents, Warehouse Tents, German Hanger, Double Decker Tents, Canvas Tents, Army Tents, Disaster Tents and a customization for a tent as an option for our clients who needs more creativity for their function and events. Boss Tents products are engineered and manufactured by expert craftsmen who collaborate with our exceptional sales and service professionals to deliver value in the industries we serve. If you are not sure what marquee or tents are best for your space, please get in touch with our highly experienced staff in helping you to decide the best tents deal. Whatever your dream venue looks like, we will help you bring it to life, leaving no detail overlooked.


Boss Tents have been providing marquee and tents for sale for weddings, concerts, festivals, function, exhibition, events and parties for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on giving each of our clients the personal attention that they all deserve while providing some of the best sale products worldwide. Our company “Boss Tents” is one of the biggest and the leading manufacturer of stretch tents for sale in South Africa, KZN @ best factory prices, we are the best stretch tents manufacturer in South Africa which is one of the hot products in tents and comes in use for various occasion and function. If you dreamed of seashell and sand or Arabian nights, or vast Green Mountain and lake to get a romantic wilderness experience, our expertise and experienced staff can make your phenomenon more memorable and unforgettable by making a unique customize tents. We have your dreamed space covered.

We offered flooring and all accessories for our customer which made their wedding, party and function a big success. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff takes pride in providing you with a reliable and efficient services, for any queries contact our company sales staff either by phone, email or chat we will be there to assist you every step of the way. Our knowledgeable sales team will help you with product questions, delivery, sales quotes and give you the best deal in tents and tent accessories. We are an approved manufacturer and supplier of tents for sale to numerous authorities worldwide, this mean our products are world renowned for their strength and quality. Need something that is truly unique and eye-catching, Boss Tents have an array of standard sizes, shapes and colours? With our extensive years of experience, our designer team can create almost anything out of our exclusive fabrics to suit your event and promotional needs.